Frequently Asked Questions (1)

Over the past few months since we launched 3PLQUOTE.COM, we have invited over 100 3PL companies to join us. Our team would like to say thank you to all our vendors and visitors, and we are looking forward to bring business opportunities to everyone.


We have received some good and interesting questions from our users, and I would like to share our thoughts to some of the questions.


What is 3PLQUOTE?

We define our website as a community for 3PL industry. Just like Facebook or Twitter, we are aiming to build a platform for both 3PL companies and customers to communicate with each other without any information filtering and screening. Our team believe the information of 3PL leads and vendors should be free, and available to everyone in the 3PL industry.


Is it really free?

Yes, all services and information on 3PLQUOTE.COM are free and will be free in the future. We will never send you an invoice for using our website, listing your companies, and accessing 3PL leads submitted by customers. If you ever get an invoice for website listing, leads or anything else, you should know it is not from us.

With the free information philosophy, we have all information available to everyone. When a 3PL lead comes, you should know that all other registered companies have the same access to the lead. This is the difference between using 3PLQUOTE and buying your leads from other companies. We do not want to compete with lead selling companies because we believe we are building something more than that.


If everything is free, how do you make money?

The truth is that we still do not know how will we make money. But we do know that we will never change our free information philosophy. Everyone in our team is still working at full time jobs, so we are not desperately in need of income from the website. One day, when someone comes up with an idea of moneymaking, I will share with you.